Friday, August 27, 2010

Sunday Sketches

Happy Sunday Everyone!

This is a new gal I have just finished today. Her face came together fairly easily, but I really had a hard time with the rest of the picture. I finally put her on a blue background and added some flowers I had from an earlier craft project to finish her off. So she is mixed media as the flowers are not mine.

She is sort of a companion piece to 'Celeste' and I think they both look very Christmassy, so I could maybe add a Christmas sentiment and turn them into a card...Not really sure.

And these are two of the sketches Amira did for this week.

We are both trying to explore different angles so she did this great profile shot of a cowgirl (which she is dying to be). To tell you the truth profiles are really hard for me, so I am really impressed with how this turned out.

This second one is inspired by some of the embellished gals I have done. I love to see her interpretation of my work. She definitely brings her own style to each piece.

We can't wait to hear what you all think!

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Have a super Sunday one and all!



Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

She's lovely Julia... just lovely!

Heather said...

She and Celeste would make great cards. What a great idea. Yes, I do sense a Christmas theme with your lovely girls. I love the blue eyes here.

Your version of the cowgirl is AWESOME! I love her! Great plaid shirt!

Happy Sunday to you both
xo heather

Marlene said...

Yes, they would make great cards! It is good to see that you are having so much fun with these ladies. Amira the cowgirl is wonderful, profiles are hard but you have done a great job. Your lady with the embellished face is quite lovely. You both are very talented ladies and I look forward to seeing your work. It is great to see you both can share your art together.

Amalia K said...

Now, isn't she lovely? I love her beautiful eyes and sweet teasing face expression. You have done wonderfully, Julia, and so has little Amira! There's a great caricature quality about her cowgirl! :))

Rebecca Anthony said...

She's wonderful Julia, I just love the dark hair and blue eyes!

lissa said...

the new gal has a charming face, quite a beauty

& it's always nice to see new sketches from Amira, she's quite creative

Sophia said...

I think the holiday cards with those two would be perfect. I really like the colour choice in this sketch.

And Amira has some mega talent/skills already. Wow! So glad she joined us all again this week. How fun! :)


Tammie Lee said...

I love your new lady and can not tell she was hard to finish at all. I love her cloths, I would wear them! And I love the cowgirl too, wonderful how a simple line drawing can have so much character.

I also enjoy how mimicking other artists is a great way to learn and also it becomes our own by the time we are done. Bravo.

Lenora said...

You have such a great style! Sorry so late - better late than not :-)