Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sunday Sketches

happy sunday everyone!

For more great sunday sketches head over to sophia's place and check out her wonderful blog.
This is a quick gal I did tonite - I can't help but think her name should be 'Skipper'. She just looks like a little snow bunny ready for the slopes to me.
And this is Amira's sketch for this week. I like how she is starting to embellish her gals and add more texture to the hair.
She looks fun!

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Have a wonderful Sunday one and all!



WrightStuff said...

Skipper is such a cheery girl -Looks like Mum will have to watch out - seems there is another talent in the family...

Nicola said...

Skipper is gorgeous! I love those cute freckles on her nose! Amira's girl is beautiful too! I really like how she's done the eyes and those beautiful big lips! :0)

Heather said...

Julia, Skipper is adorable! I am ready to hit the slopes with her. Love her hat and the freckles on her face!
Amira, I love what you did with your lady's hair. I see you are taking after your talented mommy.
Happy Sunday to you both!

Jessie said...

Hi Julia, these look great fun! xx

Marlene said...

Julia, your girls are beautiful and Skipper is no exception, her eyes are gorgeous. Amira's girl is quite lovely also, she is showing a great deal of talent. Love the way she signed her name - A true artist's signature.

Debbie said...

Love the girls, especially Skippers beautiful eyes. Amira is doing so well in her sketches!

Fair Rosamund said...

These are both wonderful, you both have such a great use of color! :) ~Lauren

Barry said...

Hi Julia, I trust you found me through Sophia at Blue Chair Diary? Thanks for following me!

I love the artistry in your work, Woman has always been a favourite subject of mine, inspiring most of my writing (especially poetry).

I just read what you wrote in your profile about being a mother. This morning I started reading a chapter ("The Mommy Brain") in my current psychology book, in which the author talks about how the brain is rewired to nurture. Very interesting stuff!

"Hey Soul Sister" and "Cruisin'" are such GREAT songs! (I posted the video for Hey Soul Sister a while ago). It's such a happy, uplifting tune.

Happy Sunday Julia!

Sophia said...

Good morning, Julia. Wow! I think your snow bunny is your best yet. She is adorable. You should really open an Etsy shop and get your art listed. :)

And Amaria's sketch is adorable. I LOVE that blonde streak she put in there. ADORE it.

Happy Sunday!

Ces said...

These are great. The swirls are fabulous. I like drawing swirls and I sometimes incorporate them in my drawings. I especially love swirly hair. I am always happy to see young people enjoying art. Have a great week!

Ces said...

Hello and congratulations!

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Tammie said...

wow, a quick sketch, so fun and lovely. It's a rain-ish, cool-ish day here after such a glorious bout of summer days and nights... makes me want to enjoy each summer day all the more. Skipper might make a fun holiday card!
Amira's is charming as can be too, and I love her signature! I have not figured out how I want to sign my art.

Kristin said...

I am so impressed with you both! The eyes in each are so striking and I love all the attention to detail (quick or not) - I can picture you both sharing this love of art and it too makes me smile! Have a great week my friend, Kristin xo

Amalia K said...

Hi Julia! Oooo... I LOVE, Skipper! She's just the sort of girl I'd be friends with as a kid. Just look at that sweet friendly smile! It's wonderful to see characters showing through art, isn't it?

Have a jasmine scented day! (my favorite, by the way...) oxx

Rebecca Anthony said...

These are great Julia! I love the hat with the bobble on the end!

Eden said...

Wow! Julia, you are really good at drawing faces! I agree, this girl looks like a Skipper, love those freckles :D

lissa said...

pipi longstocking - that's who I think - & how sweet it is to see Amira's drawing as well - she seems tot ake after you

sorry to have miss sunday sketch, wasn't quite online but glad to see you have posted