Friday, October 26, 2012

Another Sewing project complete!

Aren't these lovely!  I just finished these pretty pjs for a friend as a surprise!

I'm afraid these will be my last pair for a bit as I knuckle under and finishe the two other sewing projects I've undertaken, a quilt and some curtains,
 but I had to get these done to send off to my friend!

Thank you 'sew' much to Kelli at Fabrics Plus here in town for helping me pick out this sweet trim!  Totally made these just that much prettier.
My art, these days, seems to be in the form of fabric, and I think that may continue for a good bit longer....Ah well, the creative juices are flowing and I am happy and enjoying myself!  Isn't that what it's all about?! :-)
Wishing you all the best that Autumn has to offer and may you be enjoying this special season with those you love!

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Fall Baking and punkin' ramblings...

It is most definitely Autumn here and I am enjoying the crisp air and cosy evenings with the family.  I have been simply taken over with the 'homemaking' bug and have been sewing and baking to beat the band!  This lovely dish is an apple dumpling that I made for the family's dessert last night.  I am pretty proud of my skills baking apple pies, but thought I'd try these since I hadn't baked them for years and years...Oh my did they turn out delicious!  Served with Vanilla bean ice cream there was a lot of ooohs and ahhhs at our dinner table last night.  My how I love to bake!!
I Love the weather this time of year.  We started the morning dark and cloudy and now we are being treated to the most beautiful sunbursts and warm balmy weather. 
 I picked up these absolutely stunning flowers yesterday when we were at the local punkin' farm picking up the boys punkins and going on a hayride.  They got to wade out into the field and pick their own punkin' out!  This is a tradition in our home and they look forward to it every year.  Tomorrow we have a big group coming over to carve punkins so that should be fun!
Little Buddies, measuring themselves to see how much they've grown since last year!

Eamonn, who just turned 4, pleased as punch with his punkin'!

Silly Boys...

Liam, now 5, happy with his pick too!
Hope you are all enjoying this wonderful time of year! 
Happy Autumn :-)

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Playing around with art and water colors...

A little picture I painted today for a young friend of mine - I'm playing around with water colors again and that is unfamiliar territory for me.
Still I love the message here and it was relaxing to paint this evening while sipping a cuppa tea and enjoying a nice art break...
Smiles to you all and may it rain love where ever you are!

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Hello my lovely blogger friends...if you still remember me!
Yes it has been an eternity since I have posted here!!!
Our family spent a wonderfully busy summer and now that we are headed into fall I am sewing and getting ready for my favorite time of year, Autumn.
These are some pyjamas I just finished for my sister and me.  I love how they turned out!  Super cosy flannel and since I'm always cold, these are the ticket!
I am itching to get back at my art table too and have a new sketchbook all ready and dusted off, if I could just get on top of all the sewing projects I've undertaken!
This is a quilt I finished this summer, and it turned out so beautifully!  I'm very happy with it, because it's the first one I've made that I am actually going to keep :-)
I tend to give them all away!  This is the top before
 I sent it out to be quilted and ready for me to bind. 
And Yeah!!! Baking season is back and I am right at it!  I made two of these last night, one for our family and one for our neighbor, an elderly gentleman who is on his own and likes baked goods.  It was so fun to deliver it to him as apple pie is his favorite!
Tonite I will try my hand at a lemon meringue pie, something I
haven't made since I was a young girl.  I love lemon desserts!
Life is good and busy.  I hope you are all doing wonderfully well and enjoying Autumn's colorful display!  My it is so beautiful here!  The trees are turning and its cold outside and cosy inside :-)
Smiles to you all and hope to get around soon to see what you have been up to!