Friday, December 23, 2011

Happy Christmas and New Year!

Happy Happy Christmas to you All my friends!

And the very best to you in the New Year!

Thank you for sharing all of your joys, triumphs, artistic accomplishments and
sometimes rough patches too ~
And thank you each and every one for your encouragement and sweet visits and comments.

Hugs and Smiles!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Starbucks Art, Little Gems, and Holiday Baking!

Had to share - just hung my canvases in the local Starbucks this morning! They look wonderful and I'm so proud they asked me to share my art in such a fun location!

Aren't these little bookmarks cute! 4"x2.5" - great stocking stuffers! $4 each  ~ I've got these in a local bookshop and one local coffee shop - We'll see how they go. 

i'magine, dream, believe, explore'

My favorite!  So tiny and so cute!

Oh yes we've been baking!  Would you believe every one of these cookies was
gone the same day my little boys and I baked them! 

Love the frosting and sprinkles 'skirts on these angels!  This is about as fancy as I get :-)

All the kids contributed to this fun little house!  Turned out sweet!

What are you all up to this holiday season?  I hope you are enjoying lots of time with your families and friends - Such a joyful season! 


Wishing you the very best of the Season!!!


Monday, December 12, 2011

Did you know you can open a shop on Facebook?!!!

Did you know you can open a shop on Facebook?!!!
I just opened one on my art page 'Serendipity Art'  for my bookmarks and canvases and prints - Go give it a looksee and let me know what you think!  It has a glitch currently where it won't take me to the individual item when I click on it, but I hope I can iron that out and get it working soon.

I have a lot more bookmarks and cards to add, but at least I got two added to the shop :-)
I am so open to any and all feedback, so let me know what you think!
Some of the custom bookmarks I just finished ~

Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Art Show and Xmas with the Family!

Posing with one of my canvases - Amazing to see my work giclee printed on such a large canvas ~ the original work measured 12"x24"...This canvas was 18" x 36"!  It turned out so well!

All dressed up for the art show last Friday nite at Ryan Chanel's here in town!  The owner there put on a mind blowing hair and fashion show also ~ It was amazing!!!!!!  I got so much wonderful response to my canvases!  May have one possible buyer too so that is exciting!

My son Jordan and I - He is the only one of my boys (I think) that looks a lot like me ~ out of four you'd think there would have been more!  :-)
He's 6' 4" and was still much taller than me even though I had high heels on!  So wonderful to share my exciting night with my kids!

Probably the most exciting part of the past two weeks is that the local Starbucks has asked to feature a trio of my canvases in their main shop here in town!  STARBUCKS!  I went in yesterday and one of the barristas flagged me down and reminded me that the manager is anxious to get my art in there!  So I will head in there tomorrow to talk to her and set up a time to install them.  Pinching myself...!

                 ON TO CHRISTMAS TIDINGS :-)

 And on to Christmas - this was the whole group (except Britt who was snapping the pic) out to pick out our xmas tree!

Three cuties: Rayne, Amira, and Vidal - love the braces on the older two!  So cute!!!

We got to ride on a wagon pulled by two ENORMOUS black percheron horses - Eamonn, above, was a bit overcome...Not to mention the pressure of finding just the right tree!  :-)

A smooch from Papa made it all better!

With so many of us on the hunt we were sure to find just the right one...

Liam seems pretty optimistic :-)

Silly girls...

And we found the perfect tree!  ALL of the kids insisted on the tallest one they had! 

Liam, tuckered out after decorating the tree...He has been soooo looking forward to getting the tree :-)

Had to share this little bookmark I blinged out for my friend!  Oh I had so much fun creating this packaging!  The pink outer 'envelope paper had a velvet embossed floral pattern and has a velcro closure.  I glued lots of little crystals to the bookmark and the envelope - All hand made - The gold paper on the back of the bookmark and little crystals really make it extra special!

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season!  May your lives be filled with JOY and PEACE and of course...
Lots of   S M I L E S!


Friday, December 2, 2011

Getting ready for my art show tonite!

I'm so excited!!!  Above you see my canvases ready to be hung on the wall for a show during the months of December and January!  Yeah!  Tonite will be an event with a fashion show and my art - should be very busy!

I have been very busy in my little studio creating custom card/bookmarks for the show too...

Aren't these cute!  I love how they turned out!

Mass Production! :-)

My favorite!  Brown strip of paper has a velcro closure on the back of the card - so fun!

And this was our table at Thanksgiving - Had all the kids over and some friends and it was so fun!  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving too!

So many wonderful things happening this season - Have to say congratulations to Heather of Rose Hill Designs for reaching 100 fans on her facebook page!  She is creating some really magical holiday cards and paintings!  So is our dear Sophia over at Blue chair Diary!  Head over to each of their etsy shops to take a look!  Fun fun fun!

Smiles to you all and lots of JOY!

Saturday, November 19, 2011

More fun in the studio and punkin patch with my boys!

Hi Everyone!

Had to share a couple of 'Bookmark /Cards' that I have just finished!

I've combined the laminated bookmarks with a custom greeting card by attaching the decorative brad at the top of the bookmark to the front of the greeting card ~ My latest idea: Give a card and a gift
(the bookmark) at the same time!

Would love to know what you all think of these - I have several other styles made up too!  I am having so much fun and getting some great feedback here locally!  Beginning of next week I head out to some local shops to see if any of them would like to carry these beauties for the holidays!  Wish me luck! :-)

I just love this color combination!

And this sweet gal is a huge hit with all of my friends little girls!  I've sold a couple of these
bookmarks already. 

The little local show I did last weekend was pretty slow, but I am doing another one in a couple weeks that may be busier... I did get to meet some really fabulous local artists and that was so much fun!!!

I also got two of my pieces printed as giclee prints on gallery wrapped canvas and they are so beautiful!  I showed them to a local business owner and she sent me over to talk to another business that may be interested in doing a little show for me - I will keep you posted about that!  I plan on bringing the canvases over there early next week!

And had to share a visit to the local punkin patch with my boys ~ Here is little Eamonn feeding the chickens with fresh ears of corn!  Both the boys LOVED the animals and wanted to stay feeding the chicks FOREVER!  Soooo much fun!

Eamonn did start out the day very reserved - I just love this pic!!!

And Liam, Proud as punch to be feeding the chicks!  He was truly in heaven! 
The stayed with the chicks for at least 20 minutes.

Boys waiting for their turn to pick just the right piece of corn for the chickens!  My sweet Lovies!!!

So I am full of creative spirit and enjoying my family and friends and Art!

I hope you are all enjoying a creative holiday season, and spending time with your families and friends as well 



Saturday, November 12, 2011

Bookmarks and Cards! - Sunday Sketches

Hello Everyone!  Look what I have been up to in my little studio!  :-)
Getting ready for a local craft show and making lots of pretty laminated bookmarks and greeting cards!

This is such  great way for me to share my art with people at a reasonable rate! And my creativity is going wild as I look for new ways to embellish each piece.

Love this beauty! :-)

The details on these two at this tiny size are insane!  I just love what shrinking my work
does to the detailing on each piece!



Just back from a trip to the Oregon coast where I attended several gallery events and had an absolutely inspiring weekend!  I got to talk to several artists that, like me, got serious about their art later in life.  I am so full of ideas and so inspired I could burst! :-) 

Don't you just love when that happens!

Smiles and exhuberent hugs to you all!


PS - the bookmarks are available to purchase here :-)

And I will have the cards up soon...

And for new work...These are some bookmarks I did for the kids a while ago...

But I am working on new ones to add to my online shop with popular girls and boys names - These can also be custom ordered. :-)

Please stop by lovely Sophia's and check out all of the other wonderful artists that participate for