Saturday, December 17, 2011

Starbucks Art, Little Gems, and Holiday Baking!

Had to share - just hung my canvases in the local Starbucks this morning! They look wonderful and I'm so proud they asked me to share my art in such a fun location!

Aren't these little bookmarks cute! 4"x2.5" - great stocking stuffers! $4 each  ~ I've got these in a local bookshop and one local coffee shop - We'll see how they go. 

i'magine, dream, believe, explore'

My favorite!  So tiny and so cute!

Oh yes we've been baking!  Would you believe every one of these cookies was
gone the same day my little boys and I baked them! 

Love the frosting and sprinkles 'skirts on these angels!  This is about as fancy as I get :-)

All the kids contributed to this fun little house!  Turned out sweet!

What are you all up to this holiday season?  I hope you are enjoying lots of time with your families and friends - Such a joyful season! 


Wishing you the very best of the Season!!!



WrightStuff said...

What a lovely celebratory post - I am so thrilled and proud for you to have your art on the walls of Starbucks!! You are a star!!

PS - save me a bit of that gingerbread house...

Tammie said...

your art looks awesome on the walls! how very exciting an wonderful. Congratulations! Same with your bookmarks and baked yummies! Lovely holidays to you and yours!

Amalia K said...

Julia dear, your art looks wonderful on the wall! It must feel great to see your hard work admired by others... Glad to see you're having fun with the family, have a joyous holiday season, my friend! oxx

Julia Christie said...

Thank you all for your positive thoughts and sweet comments! I appreciate them each and every one!


Heather said...

all of your sweet gifts arrived! Oh my goodness! I can't thank you enough - your card made me cry!!!!!!!
My whole house is so very impressed by your wonderful cards, bookmarks and artwork!!!
and yes, someday we will meet for that BUCKS!!!
THANK YOU so very much! You make the blog world a sweeter place!!!

Heather said...

ps - love the gingerbread house! xo

Ana Márquez said...

Your work is wonderful!! :-)

I wish you a very happy Christmas and a new year full of great blessings for you. Hugs!!

Julia Christie said...

Thanks Heather! Glad the package arrived ok! You are most welcome!

Thank you Ana!

don vito andolina said...

Hola,preciosas imágenes van desnudando placidamente la pura y genuina belleza de este germinal blog, si te va la palabra encadenada,la poesía,te espero en el mio,será un placer,es
gracias, buen día, besos trágicos...

Kristin said...

It's so nice to catch up with you and see your successes.
First of all, you looked gorgeous at your showing (and your son is so cute ;) and I am thrilled for all of your showings. That Starbucks feature is the best ever!! What a wonderful feeling that must be!
Thank you for your visit and I hope you too have a beautiful Christmas! xoxoxo

Julia Christie said...

Thank you Kristin!