Saturday, December 10, 2011

An Art Show and Xmas with the Family!

Posing with one of my canvases - Amazing to see my work giclee printed on such a large canvas ~ the original work measured 12"x24"...This canvas was 18" x 36"!  It turned out so well!

All dressed up for the art show last Friday nite at Ryan Chanel's here in town!  The owner there put on a mind blowing hair and fashion show also ~ It was amazing!!!!!!  I got so much wonderful response to my canvases!  May have one possible buyer too so that is exciting!

My son Jordan and I - He is the only one of my boys (I think) that looks a lot like me ~ out of four you'd think there would have been more!  :-)
He's 6' 4" and was still much taller than me even though I had high heels on!  So wonderful to share my exciting night with my kids!

Probably the most exciting part of the past two weeks is that the local Starbucks has asked to feature a trio of my canvases in their main shop here in town!  STARBUCKS!  I went in yesterday and one of the barristas flagged me down and reminded me that the manager is anxious to get my art in there!  So I will head in there tomorrow to talk to her and set up a time to install them.  Pinching myself...!

                 ON TO CHRISTMAS TIDINGS :-)

 And on to Christmas - this was the whole group (except Britt who was snapping the pic) out to pick out our xmas tree!

Three cuties: Rayne, Amira, and Vidal - love the braces on the older two!  So cute!!!

We got to ride on a wagon pulled by two ENORMOUS black percheron horses - Eamonn, above, was a bit overcome...Not to mention the pressure of finding just the right tree!  :-)

A smooch from Papa made it all better!

With so many of us on the hunt we were sure to find just the right one...

Liam seems pretty optimistic :-)

Silly girls...

And we found the perfect tree!  ALL of the kids insisted on the tallest one they had! 

Liam, tuckered out after decorating the tree...He has been soooo looking forward to getting the tree :-)

Had to share this little bookmark I blinged out for my friend!  Oh I had so much fun creating this packaging!  The pink outer 'envelope paper had a velvet embossed floral pattern and has a velcro closure.  I glued lots of little crystals to the bookmark and the envelope - All hand made - The gold paper on the back of the bookmark and little crystals really make it extra special!

I hope you are all enjoying your holiday season!  May your lives be filled with JOY and PEACE and of course...
Lots of   S M I L E S!



Nicola said...

Hi Julia, such lovely photos of everything, first of all don't you look beautiful at your art show!!! How exciting, your canvas looks lovely and what wonderful news to hear about your Starbucks connection too!!! Make sure you take photos of your work on their walls!!! :0) Loved your family shots too thank you for sharing :0) xoxo

WrightStuff said...

You're gonna be in Starbucks! Wowzie girl - just think of how far you've come in 2011 and imagine where you're goiing to be in 2012!

I'm very proud of you my friend - you deserve every success - and I agree with Nicola - you looked lovely!

elena nuez said...

Ohhhh Julia, me ha encantado este post!!
enhorabuena por la exposición y por tu familia son extraordinarios!!!

Un fuerte abrazo,


craftattack said...

Congrats on your successes, and enjoy your holidays! Valerie

Tammie said...

ah, I am so happy for you and all the fun you are having. Congratulations on your starbucks art! Everything looks so great. You looked beautiful for your art opening.

Ces said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!! Everything is so beautiful. First, YOU!, your family, your art and the tree! The giclee really does look gorgeous. What a great show. I hope you have a lovely Christmas, dear Julia. Tsup!!!

Kellys Art Journaling/ Sharing The Journey said...

Congratulations Julia! STARBUCKS!!!! That is so amazing! You must be on top of the world happy! Your work is so beautiful I am not surprised a the response.
Merry Christmas to you and your family.
Hugs and blessings

Beth Niquette said...

Congratulations on your art show! I also just loved that wonderful bookmark. Wow! Your friend must have been SO happy.