Saturday, November 19, 2011

More fun in the studio and punkin patch with my boys!

Hi Everyone!

Had to share a couple of 'Bookmark /Cards' that I have just finished!

I've combined the laminated bookmarks with a custom greeting card by attaching the decorative brad at the top of the bookmark to the front of the greeting card ~ My latest idea: Give a card and a gift
(the bookmark) at the same time!

Would love to know what you all think of these - I have several other styles made up too!  I am having so much fun and getting some great feedback here locally!  Beginning of next week I head out to some local shops to see if any of them would like to carry these beauties for the holidays!  Wish me luck! :-)

I just love this color combination!

And this sweet gal is a huge hit with all of my friends little girls!  I've sold a couple of these
bookmarks already. 

The little local show I did last weekend was pretty slow, but I am doing another one in a couple weeks that may be busier... I did get to meet some really fabulous local artists and that was so much fun!!!

I also got two of my pieces printed as giclee prints on gallery wrapped canvas and they are so beautiful!  I showed them to a local business owner and she sent me over to talk to another business that may be interested in doing a little show for me - I will keep you posted about that!  I plan on bringing the canvases over there early next week!

And had to share a visit to the local punkin patch with my boys ~ Here is little Eamonn feeding the chickens with fresh ears of corn!  Both the boys LOVED the animals and wanted to stay feeding the chicks FOREVER!  Soooo much fun!

Eamonn did start out the day very reserved - I just love this pic!!!

And Liam, Proud as punch to be feeding the chicks!  He was truly in heaven! 
The stayed with the chicks for at least 20 minutes.

Boys waiting for their turn to pick just the right piece of corn for the chickens!  My sweet Lovies!!!

So I am full of creative spirit and enjoying my family and friends and Art!

I hope you are all enjoying a creative holiday season, and spending time with your families and friends as well 




Diane said...

How could you not love these--Oh my goodnes--they're wonderful!
(and so are your sweet boys :)

WrightStuff said...

The look exactly the part in their smart hats!! Priceless :)

Cards are totally G O R G E O U S!!

Christine said...

great idea to enclose a bookmark with your cards, a nice treat. Nice photos in the pumpkin patch too!

Tammie said...

your art looks gorgeous no matter what you do with it!

love the photos of your boys too, that sounds like a wonderful outing.

lovely sunday to you.

Amalia K said...

Hi Julia. So glad to see you busy creating, and these look awesome! It's great that you can apply art into so many things, don't you think so? Have a great time this winter! Hugs to the little ones... :) oxx

Ces said...

Hello Lovely! Your boys are adorable and quite fashionable!!! I have something for you over at my blog, which I promised a while back :). Tsup!

Ces said...

Your bookmark cards are wonderful. Their eyes are so alive!!!

Shayla said...

OMG cutest little ones ever!