Monday, August 9, 2010

A new piece from my Daughter Amira

Hi Everyone,
This is a fabulous new piece by my daughter Amira who is 11 years old. She is a really talented artist in her own right, and does some great thing with colored pencils as you can see. She has been wanting to join me for Sunday sketches, so next Sunday I will be posting a piece from me and one from her!
I am so excited to share her amazing talent.
Let us know what you all think.
Smiles and hope you are having a great day!


faerwillow said...

~looks as if she has her mamas creative imagination and talent for drawing! this is a wonderful special for you two to celebrate time together in such an inspiring way...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Tammie said...

this is quite wonderful! I love all the colors. I love that you will post together next week!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Remarkable work for an 11 year old....WOW!! I can see Mom's influence in this piece(O:It is obvious there is a home full of inspiration for your daughter. This is gorgeous & very well done!!

CrowNology said...

Excellent work Amira. I love the colours you've used and the earrings!
You are a very talented and lucky family...

lissa said...

she has your talent for colors and patterns

Sophia said...

That's quite impressive for an 11 year old! I'm looking forward to her joining you (and us) this coming Sunday!! Yeah! :) Hugs!

PS Still need to respond to your email. Ugh. I will. I promise. :)

Maggie May said...

oh my goodness i love this! the braid and the face..the colors..lovely.

Heather said...

Wow, she takes after you with her talent and love of art I can see.
Isn't it exciting to see our kids take an interest in the arts?
Good for her!
Looking forward to seeing her SS ( you know, my daughter Summer, wants to join too!).


Kristin said...

Oh, that is so cool! I love how you are supporting her and her talent! It's just wonderful, xo