Thursday, August 12, 2010

'Tiny Dancer' Completed

Hello Everyone,

This is the finished version of the little dancer I posted a while ago. I had done just the top half of her, but liked her so much I felt she needed to be completely finished. I love how dainty she turned out!
Just got her back from the printer who did a really good job of splicing the top and bottom halves, I think.
Let me know what you think ~ I love to get your feedback!


CrowNology said...

She's lovely.
I LOVE her elbows...

Rebecca Anthony said...

I am just crazy about her hair, her dress, she's fabulous!!!

Amalia K said...

Oh my, Julia! I think she would make a gorgeous babushka doll!!! I see you're on a roll here. Does it feel like someone switched on the right button and you just can't stop creating? Well, please keep on because I'm enjoying watching all your works. (hugs)

Kristin said...

LOVE HER! I was really eager to see the finished piece and really love the results - the skirt is just perfect and I would have never known that it was spliced together by the printer. It's just perfect. And thank you for your comment about my first face - I will post the rest next week sometime, but you should know that I was thinking of you and your beautiful girls when I did it, Kristin xo

Maggie May said...

love love!! this is my favorite so far. just adorable,whimsical, charming.

Julia Christie said...

Rebecca and Amalia and Kristin ~ thank you so much! I love to get your opinions as I admire all of your art soooooooMuch!

Maggie May ~ Thanks for the sweet comment, it's fun to create something for little girls and I think this would be perfect in a little girls room. In fact, I will be framing a print for my 6 yr olds room.


Heather said...

She is beautiful, isn't she, wow! I love that you made her whole body...She's so cute, I can see that as a framed piece in a little girls room!!! happy friday!!!!

Marlene said...

Hi I'm back from the mountains. I was happy to see your finished dancer, she turned out quite lovely.

me said...

oooohhhh the details here are really killing meee, so gorgeous!!!!!
this is as pretty as you :))