Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sunday Sketches "Pippi"

Happy Sunday Everyone!

For more great Sunday sketches head over to Sophia's place at and check out all of the wonderful talent!

This is the latest in my series of fun embellished ladies. I call her Pippi because this is what I think Pippi Longstocking might have grown up to look like. I think this may be my favorite so far ~ I just love how the hair turned out!
She's just so darn sassy!
I am really enjoying this process and all the wonderful feedback from all of you is so very much appreciated. I am a timid artist ~ this is the first time, through this blog, that I have shared my art, and it is so wonderful to see all of the great art out there, and have so many artists I really really respect visit me and leave their comments. So Thank You All! You make my week each and every Sunday!
Smiles and have a super Sunday!


Dumbwit Tellher said...

Isn't blogging a grand thing? The fact that you can share your magnificent art for all the world. I love the thought that this could be a mature Pippi. I think you captured her spirit so well. Hope you have a lovely, lazy Sunday?! x

WrightStuff said...

I'm so glad you are sharing - these are so great. Pippi is a triumph indeed with exquisite detailing :)

Heather said...

Hi, Thanks for the anniversary wishes!!! Pippi is just so beautiful...I am loving the color combinations...that turquoise, green and blue is so striking on her. And of course the detailing is amazing.

I am glad you joined the artist blog hop...I am not sure about why it is not showing up... I will try to figure it out, someone else said that too - also, i had to copy and past that whole thing on, so I am not sure if i did it write...
but search artist blog hop in google and that might help...happpy sunday ( a bit early!) I hope you are doing well.

Heather said...

hi again...:)
I think it might take a day to load up - my mom posted her site yesterday and i didn't see it's there! So I will keep checking!
bye -

Amalia K said...

My, my, Julia! You are on a roll!! I'm loving all your gorgeous ladies, and Pippi here looks absolutely lovely... especially with that tattoo!! (hugs)

Rebecca Anthony said...

She is absolutely gorgeous!! I just love the little dangles hanging from her cap sleeves and her hair is amazing!

Kristin said...

Oh, yes - although I really like all of the girls in this series, this is my favorite too! I love the bold colors and details on the cheeks, hair and dress sleeves especially. It is wonderful work!
Thank you too for your sweet comment regarding Monday's Child. It was a really tough one for me and like you with your art, this is the first time that I am writing, let alone presenting it on my blog. Your comments are so appreciated, Kristin xo

BECKY said...

Love that adult Pippi!! Very pretty colors and gorgeous details, as always!! You are so talented! Have a wonderful Sunday!

Marlene said...

Julia, she is just lovely - great color choices and I love the eyes with her winking. Very fun sketch.

Sophia said...

I remember Pipi...totally forgot about her. :) And once again, you amaze me with all of your detail and colour!! :)

Happy Sunday. Lots of love and hugs coming your way.

EVA said...

You are definitely on a roll!! Pippi is wonderful! I thinking sharing what I have done has definitely made/encouraged me to keep on creating. And there are such great people out there to visit - like you, Julia and everyone participating in Blue Chair Diary' Sunday Sketching.

You are doing an amazing job with these ladies!

lissa said...

she's gorgeous just like your other lovely ladies, I like all the patterns and colors

Lenora said...

She is really great! Love the details and your unique and wonderful style! There is so much to look at in your sketches! And of course we all love Pippi - you have so much more of her personality in here than many other pictures of her!

Fair Rosamund said...

I love her!! All the details are great-her dress and necklace. So pretty! I'm so glad that you share with us every week :) ~Lauren

Debbie said...

wonderful colors Julia and the details are so awesome! You have such a wonderful style!

Deanna said...

Pipi is wonderful. I think she's my favorite of yours also. Love that she's winking at you. She is sassy, her pretty little flower tattoo shows you that she's feminine with a slightly wild side.

pinkglitterfae said...

no need to be timid with the kind of art you are creating. She is gorgeous, and it is obvious you spent lots of time giving her loving details.

I need to get back into these Sunday sketches! I started off so consistent, then let other 'stuff' get in the way. It's nice to see what you all are doing!

Julia Christie said...

Wow! Thank you all for your visits and the wonderful support of my art. I am just so appreciative, especially as I really respect all of you artists that take the time to comment.

Have a great week!


Heather said...

I can't figure it out. I am trying to add you on myself. I will look for the original site i found it on. too wierd. maybe try and enter yourself again? My number doesn't show up either? we'll get to the bottome of it...but maybe just try to add yourself again? see, my mom is # 299 - so you should be right after her!

Heather said...

Hi again,
You don't show up on mine, but the GOOD NEWS is you do on the rest of them!!!!! I just saw you at Terr
Here's the link.
It's from Darlene at a Dancing Mango!!! ( a june post)
Ok, so maybe we don't show up on my page???
Keep me posted when you find it!

CrowNology said...

I think she is amazing too!