Monday, July 5, 2010

Monday's Child - 2 'STARGAZER'

Illustration: by Bernhard Oberdieck

Each night, after the world has gone to sleep,
softness steals like a whisper into Stargazer's bedroom and lifts her gently from her bed. To Stargazer, this always feels like a dream, all fuzzy and muted at the edges, but deliciously thrilling at the same time.

Stargazer grabs her very favorite kitty, Celestine, as she glides up to the open window. She presses her rosy pink cheek against the frosted glass, and gazes up, up towards the sky, eager to catch a glimpse of her sparkly friends.

The Moon, as always, has been waiting. Down drops a moonbeam, unfurling like a streamer at a parade, twirling and dipping this way and that, until finally arriving at Stargazer's window.

As she does every night, Stargazer is ready, and opens the window to step out onto the silky tendril of moonlight. It wraps around her in cosy familiarity and the downward spiral is reversed, carrying Stargazer up to her nightly cradle in the arms of the Moon.

Many people think the Moon is hard and cold, but nothing could be further from the truth. Stargazer always compares the Moon to the softest, downiest pillow ever.

"How do you do this lovely evening?" Stargazer inquires politely, just as she does every evening.

"Quite well now that you have arrived to keep me company." The equally polite Moon seems to shine a little brighter now that Stargazer is there.

That night the Moon carries Stargazer across the vast sky, introducing her to the new stars, teaching her their names, and quizzing Stargazer on those they have already met, their old friends.

They stop and visit Sirius, who, despite his name, always seems to chat about nonsensical subjects.

Then a favored visit to Capella for a lullaby, sung of course, without any accompaniment. Capella's voice is bewitching, and Stargazer cannot resist asking her for an encore presentation the following evening. Capella graciously agrees, smiling her shy smile, and glowing even more intensely with pride.

Tonight will also include a special visit to Andromeda, who is a princess among the stars, and very regal and proper in her manner and appearance. Stargazer and Andromeda are very different and their conversations are always interesting, so tonight's visit is a real treat.

Finally, in the early morning hours, the faintest tinge of pink colors the far horizon, and a delicate yawn escapes from behind Stargazer's tiny hand. Celestine, who has been curled up in Stargazer's lap asleep for most of the evening, opens one eye experimentally, and then turnes herself around twice and settles back down to sleep again.

"Oh my," Stargazer smiles down at the Moon. "Time has gotten away from us again. This was such a magical evening ~ I can never thank you enough!" Her fingers run lightly across the arch of the moon's curve in a loving caress.

The Moon colors lightly in response, and replies gruffly, "Will I see you again tonite then?"

Laughing at the Moon's formality, Stargazer impulsively wraps her arms around his neck and lightly rubs her right cheek against him. "You are my very best friend!" she smiles as he colors even more.

"Off to bed with you now," and the moonbeam wraps her in it's embrace again and transports her safely home.

The next morning Stargazer wakes slowly and stretches her toes and fingertips to opposite ends of the bed. Celestine purrs contentedly beside her.

"I wonder if it was all a dream? .... It must have been!" She turns her head on the pillow and smiles at Celestine, revealing her right cheek which is glowing with a golden radiance.
For those of you that don't know, I am participating in a writing group for children called
Monday's Child, hosted by bkmackenzie over at
She is looking for participants so head on over and check out her site.


signed...bkm said...

Beautiful story Julia, and a lesson too in astronomy. What a lovely and sweet way to teach children about the magic and beauty of our universe. Thank you for participating again.....bkm

Marlene said...

What a beautiful story, and the picture is awesome-reminds me of the pictures I have seen on cards by "flavia"

Kristin said...

I agree, your story is eloquent and beautiful! I love how sweet and tender your writing is. It is just wonderful, Kristin xo

Julia Christie said...

Thanks so much for the nice words and encouragement! This is a fun prompt!

Sophia said...

You really have a way with words, Julia. Wow! You captivated me from the very start! :)

PS can you leave me a comment with your email again? I won't post it. Thanks!

faerwillow said...

~ever so sweet...i wish my nights were spent as stargazer' enchanting it would be...warm wishes and brightest blessings~

Julia Christie said...

To those of you kind enought to comment earlier, the blogesphere has magically erased your lovely words, but thank you for them just the same!

bicocacolors said...

July eres una artista!!!
y tu espaƱol es perfecto, me has hecho muy feliz!!!!

Deanna said...

You are talented on many levels. Wonderful little story you have here.

Jingle said...

thank you for the lovely lines,
I entered the meme and welcome you for a visit.

Marlene said...

Hi, glad I went back and read your comment, I thought I was losing it as I did comment (lol). Thanks for stopping by. I used a little different process on each piece of faux stained glass. I will see if I can get a wip together and post it on my blog.

lissa said...

how wonderfully told, great tale with sweet imaginary and thought

LL said...

HAPPY Birthday, Christie!!!

Ces said...

Julia you are wonderful! I just gazed at your sidebar and all the intricate pen work. I love them. I am swamped at work and therefore giving myself the liberty to stop posting for a while. I will still be dropping by for a peek at my favorite people so Keep on doing what you do best. I shall see you around. Have a great summer! Tsup!

Heather said...

Hi Julia,
A lovely and sweet sotry of friendship and dreams.......I would love to be friends with the moon! You did a great job with this story....and yes, come over anytime for lemonade!!!
Have a great weekend -

Julia Christie said...

Thanks Laura! Another year gone...Where does the time fly to?

So very nice of you to remember!

BECKY said...

Hi Julia! I'm sorry I haven't been around to all my favorite blogs in the past couple of weeks, and I'm still trying to catch up! Lovely story and you know I'm a big fan of your writing and your art!!

WrightStuff said...

That is such a charming story - you had me captivated (in a moonbeam perhaps!). Can't wait to read your next one.

Jingle said...

voting time,

short stories,

thanks for the attention!

Elizabeth said...

Beautiful. Just beautiful. x