Tuesday, April 30, 2013


So much time has passed since my last post and a friend reminded me that there are some folks that may wonder where exactly I went when I dropped of the face of the earth.  :0)
Do any of you ever just need to take a break from social media?

I do it pretty regularly, take a break and recharge, focusing on my family and local friendships and all the many demands of life here. 

So what's been going on with me?  I sold this piece above to a friend of mine.  If you've followed my blog for any time you will remember how many MONTHS it took me to finish this piece.  The original mediums were colored pencils and ink.  I then had it printed on a canvas and spent many more HOURS painting and embellishing it.  It's a pretty massive piece.  I wish you could see the canvas with all the painted background details and tons of painting on the flowers in the tree.  It really turned out so wonderfully. 
So I hung it on my wall and enjoyed it for the winter and then my friend has decided she would like it for her own.

I took it over to her house and installed it and it just was supposed to be there!  Now that is the most wonderful thing to see a piece of art that you have literally poured your whole artistic self into over such a long time find the home it was meant for.  I just feel so good about it!

How do all of you artists feel about it when your creations find a good home?  Isn't it so satisfying and special?

Other than that, I have been just enjoying my family and working like crazy on the business we own as we stretch our wings a tiny bit and expand.  That part is fun.
I'm itching to get back to writing so I may have something new to share of that nature soon too.

I hope you all are enjoying a sweet start to 2013.  Spring was here in full force today and it was so lovely to see the sun and all of the flowers and leaves on the trees.  Still pretty chilly here, but oh the light - I love the light!

Smiles to you all



lissa said...

it's a beautiful piece. I do like to see the final version, I'm sure it looks fabulous hanging on the wall with all the details and such.

I think any artist would be very happy to have their work admired and hang in someone's home. it's a great joy knowing that.

have a sweet spring.

Tammie Lee said...

this piece is amazing with all it's charm, beauty and detail! how wonderful that if found a fantastic home. wonderful also that you honor your life with taking time away from social media when needed. so glad to see you post though.

Yes, i love it when my art finds a home.

sending a warm and bright smile to you.

Kelly Dee said...

Congrats again :) I love when one of my pieces goes into a clients home. It's like they have a little bit of you to cherish but more importantly your art gets more love!