Thursday, April 12, 2012

Scenes from the week...

Had these two Smile Campaign Tshirts made - I love the colors, just wish the graphic was a bit larger...

My idea is to sell these for $16.00 - They cost me $12.50.  Then I will donate 100% of the profit to a local charity that works with kids!  I'm hoping to get this going by this summer's Arts Festival here in town.

Playing around with wood rounds...

Working in the yard with the whole family this past Sunday was amazing...We did a massive cleanup on the water feature part of our landscape, which is quite large, and turned the stream pumps back on - lots of cleanup of algae etc, but the frogs kept the kids hopping while we raked out lots of debris, etc.
It was really just a heavenly day, and we didn't want it to end~

Liam with his gloves and rake helping out...He LOVES to work with Mama and Papa!

Vidal Hamming for the camera...Of course!

A couple days ago, we all traipsed down to the local hardware store after dinner 
and purchased Vidal his first pocket knife.
To say he was excited is really an understatement!  He just loved it!!!  Sat whittling a stick, well several sticks, for quite a while as the rest of us set up the new tetherball and played a few games. 
Another lovely evening!

                                        Yummy cupcakes for the family...

I taught my first mini baking class and really loved it - had two young mothers over and they learned how to make cinnamon rolls
from scratch.  These are their rolls slathered in cinnamon icing!  YUM!
I just loved sharing my love of baking with them and they had some really
great recipes to share with me too!

Overall a really wonderful week!  I am now headed out to plant some more perrenials and annuals, look for a spot for my new strawberry and blueberry plants, and just savor the day with my little men!  This weekend I get to look forward to putting in a raised bed for some veggies for the family.  The kids just go wild for growing food and Liam, aged 4-1/2, keeps asking me every time I buy a plant if it's a 'food' plant! 

Life is lovely.

I hope you are all out in the Spring, jumping into this lovely time of year with both feet, and really enjoying yourselves.
And of course, I hope you are S M I L I N G!

My favorite quote this week:  Liam says:  "Mama. You're the kind of Mama I always wanted."  Oh this is the highest praise a Mama can get and I am still riding the cloud!  :-)



Heather said...

hi friend!
the t-shirts are great - i will buy one, when you get them all set!
also, love the smile rounds - are they magnets? they would be cute as magnets!!!
would love to join your baking class! too bad I am on the other side of the country!!!!
love liam's quote, too!
Hugs! xo

lissa said...

great looking t-shirts. wish I could bake, I like the smell of fresh pastries any day of the week.

have a sweet spring.

Julia Christie said...

Oh that is a great idea Heather - Magnets! Love that! I will sure let you know when the tshirts are ready and thanks for the encouragement!

Lissa and Heather, Yes I wish all my bloggy friends could come over and we could drink wine and share recipies. Fun!

WrightStuff said...

Mmmmm cinnamon rolls - yummy! I must tell you a little story... We love those in this house. I bought some from the supermarket the other morning after dropping my son of at school. Other half was still asleep in bed (he's an insomniac and lies awake half the night, so I let him lie in). Anyway, they taste even more delicious when warm so I popped mine in the oven. We have a microwave that is also an oven. Somehow I accidentally turned the micro on and set fire to my delicious baked treat....

What to do... I had been lusting after it for ages... I'm afraid to say that I hid the evidence and ate the one that was intended for my slumbering partner!

Amalia K said...

Your tees look great, Julia! I really love the idea of your Smile Campaign. I'll bet you're such a lovely friendly gal in person too? :))

Hugs to your boys! oxx