Thursday, April 26, 2012

Another week and exciting news!

Big news!  My oldest son Jordan has proposed and been accepted by his lovely girlfriend of five years! This is the first of my children to be getting married and I am so happy for them! Above are the custom invitations I just finished for a little engagement BBQ we are having to get both families together and just celebrate their engagement.  Fun!

Love this new yard flag!  So cheerful!   Last weekend Craig built this raised bed for us and we planted tomatoes, lettuce, strawberries, and carrots.  Yumm!  The kids are so excited!  We also planted three blueberry plants, and I planted peonies, dahlias, daisies, and petunias. So fun to add color to the garden!

A special pie to say thank you to my sweetie for all the hard work building us a raised bed!

My sissy took ALL the kids out for the day hiking...and...

To a local farm to see the animals.  Above she is with Vidal, Liam, and Eamonn.
Silly Liam attempting to reason with the goat. :-)

                 Big sissy Amira with Eamonn  and Liam      

Love the expression on Eamonn's face - They serve humongous ice cream cones at the farm the kids went to - Looks like a brain freeze to me!

 Liam with his bucket and rake...On a mission no doubt!  I love the colors in this picture!

A little spot to enjoy the yard we created for the kids.  They love it!

Isn't this pretty!  Liam won this at a raffle at his preschool and we put it near his 
chair in the garden so he could watch the birds!

Not much going on in the art department these days, but I am full of ideas for my novel so I may be posting another chapter soon at my other blog Serendipity - The Novel.  If you haven't popped over there to read some, please do and I love to get feedback!

Life is busy, fun and ummmm...busy!  But I'm so looking forward to this summer and all the wonderful adventures we will be having.  
How is your Spring progressing?  We continue to get a lot of rain, but we've had three sunny weekends in a row and we can't argue with that here in Washington!!!

Smiles to you all!


Sophia said...

Julia, so fun to view at all of your family photos. Aww. Your boys are getting big! :)

Congrats to your oldest son and his engagement. The announcements are LOVELY!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

You have such a beautiful family Julia and I'm thrilled for Jordan and Nicole. The invitations you created are beautiful (no surprise there), I bet the kids were thrilled? Now tell me, what has happened to your plans for traveling Scotland. I'm a horrible friend and never gave you ideas as to where to stay in Edinburgh. I remember at all the wrong times. So happy you've had such glorious weather. I know my children back home have been loving it too. I on the other hand, am very jealous! Rainy and cold here for the last 2 wks. Thanks for sharing all your wonderful photos. xx Deb

Tammie Lee said...

How fun to hear of your family growing in love and size! your invites look so beautifully inviting~

also so fun and wonderful that you have planted a garden for your family to enjoy and learn from....

no art? that pie looks like yummy art to me! xo

craftattack said...

Thanks for sharing the lovely photos! Congrats to the young couple, and to all of you. The raised bed is a great idea, enjoy! Valerie

WrightStuff said...

Where are you my friend? We miss you!