Friday, April 23, 2010

Lissa - An Amazing Woman

I have to take a moment to tell you about the
A M A Z I N G Lissa over at She is so talented in so many ways. Through her poetry, photography, writing, and art, she just continues to amaze and inspire me. I look forward to reading Lissa's short stories, poetry, and enjoy her art immensely.

You want to know the really amazing thing? Lissa is so very modest about all of her many talents, but she's someone you really don't want to miss! If you are a fan of poetry, imaginative writing, photography, and art in general, you should definitely take a few moments and check out her blogs:

Publishing: (that's right, I told you she's amazing!)
I so hope you enjoy getting to know this wonderful woman as much as I have!

Smiles All!


Maggie May said...

Thank you for the links! I will visit :)


it is a wonderful world of creativity here in blogland...and those that we meet enrich our lives in special ways!
ciao bella
creative carmelina

Sophia said...

I love and enjoy Lissa as well. I met her earlier last year and she is one incredibly talented woman...with a big heart, too. :) Thanks for writing a special post on her.


PS I would LOVE to receive the "Tree of Love" artwork. Oh my gosh!!! Please leave me a comment with your email so I can send you my info. I will not publish the comment.

Tammie Lee said...

Hi Julia,
I completely agree with you, Lissa is wonderfully talented and refreshing with her unique style. So lovely of you to share her with us all.

lissa said...

oh, I am so red in the face right now but thank you Julia! you are too sweet

and let me tell you, Julia, you are a wonderful writer and talented artist, I am glad our paths has crossed and I appreciate every single comment that you have left on my blogs, they make my days much sweeter and certainly drives me to keep posting even when I am unsure if people will like anything I do

I just posted a poem entitled 'smile' - sort of my little thanks to you --

thank you!

Relyn said...

I was here earlier today, but I forgot something. I wanted to welcome you to my blog and thank you for following. And mostly, just make your acquaintance. I've been slacking in my bloggish neighborliness as school has been more than hectic. Now that I'm back in the swing again, I wanted to stop in and say hello. Happy spring!

Susan said...

Wonderful tributes to Lissa and Sophia, both amazing women - very like the lady who runs this blog!

Hope you're having a great Sunday Julia!

Nicola said...

Thank you for the links! :0) Lovely flowers too :0)

Juliette Crane said...

wow! thank you for sharing! i can't wait to check out more of this work.

best wishes!


An early winner....

check your email!
ciao bella
creative carmelina

Housewife Bliss said...

2 great new finds, off to say hello. I love coming here for inspiration, you remind me how talented other people are. Have a great week.

Kristin said...

Oh, thank you! Thank you for the suggestion and for your sweet comments - I will check it out!! Kristin xo


Okay Julie, I have posted your winning package announcement in today's is the second entry under the giveaway contest I'm now having!
come by and have a look at all the goodies coming your way! show the kids, wet their creative appetites!
I've also posted their wonderful artwork as well..make sure you show them tonight!
and be sure to enter to win my next fun filled adventure while you're there!

ciao bella!
and congratulations!

Creative Carmelina