Friday, March 19, 2010

Sunday Sketch 'Eamonn and the pumpkins'

I'm posting my Sunday sketch a little early as I won't be able to do it this Sunday. Hope that's ok... Love this one of my 1 year old in the pumpkins last fall.


WrightStuff said...

Aw he's a cutie pie!

Julia Christie said...

He's a pistol that's for sure!

lissa said...

nice. I wonder what he's thinking with those big eyes.

Sophia said...

Julia, I LOVE it. Wow! I struggle with the eyes and hands with my sketches. You did a SUPER job. He is CUTE! :)

Thank you for participating.

Susan said...

Hi Julia! What a wonderful sketch of your boy, he's gorgeous! You did a great job with his features and I love the details you captured in his coveralls. The graphite with color adds interest too.

Just joined Sunday Sketches, I love your blog and am your newest follower, great stuff! Good for you to start writing, us mothers need to do a little something for ourselves. I am working on writing and illustrating a picture book about our rescue dog. Best of luck to you with everything!

apinkdreamer said...


Susan said...

Thanks for your visit Julia and good luck with the primacolor pencils. I think you'll enjoy working with them - I've also experimented with a few other brands. Prisma is by far the softest, which is great for most things, but if you find you need a slightly harder colored pencil Lyra and Faber-Castell are nice. I think Prisma has the best variety of colors though. I'll make sure everyone knows when my book is ready, but I think it might be a couple of years! Thanks for the encouragement - I tried to look at your book blog but it wouldn't load, so I'll try again tomorrow. Blogger has been a pain the past couple weeks!

Sophia said...

Hi Julia,

Go to your dashboard and:

- click on layouts
- Select the “page elements” tab
- Click on “add a gadget”
- Scroll down and select “picture”

From there you can add the title of the art co-op, insert the URL link to the official Sunday Sketches post, and then upload the picture. (Just right click and save from my blog)

After that, hit save.

Back at your dashboard, you can then click on the Sunday Sketch box and drag it down in the list of boxes there to where you want it on your page.

Hope this helps. 

Happy Monday!!!

Julia Christie said...

Thanks Sophia! It worked!

Nicola said...

I there what a lovely Sunday sketch! Love that he's in black and white and the background is in colour! You've done a lovely job, what a cute little man!

Julia Christie said...

Thanks for all your lovely comments! work is in graphite and colored pencils - my daughter actually took this pic and used some photo shop type program to make him B&W while leaving the rest of the shot color. I loved it so I decided to try and capture it.

Tammie Lee said...

such a charming piece Julia, you really captured a lovely spirit in him.