Monday, March 29, 2010

Smile Campaign - Another Fun Sketch

Just for fun... :-)


Housewife Bliss said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog and listing me on your side bar. I love your art work, my mother is an artist and I always envy that skill/talent in others. Do you have the Sense and Sensibility soundtrack, just as emotive as the film. Have a great Easter weekend.

Julia Christie said...

No! I will have to look for it as I just love that movie. A very happy Easter to you as well.

Susan said...

Hey Julia! I love the extra bouquet, this is so sweet and fun!

I have an award for ya,check it out!

Julia Christie said...

Thanks so much for the award! How funny! I have already added it to my sidebar, displayed proudly with a link to your site.


Millie said...

Julia I've just been reading the 'Currently...' notes on your sidebar - & I just loved your comments. It is so obvious you embrace your life with such enthusiasm, it's catching!
Millie ^_^

lissa said...

cute! I like the additional of the flowers, I starting to think the nose is the moon

lissa said...

just notice the poppies artwork on the sidebar - I don't recall seeing them before but then again, I don't remember much - they're quite wonderful artworks

Julia Christie said...


I sure am trying to greet each day as if it is a gift to be treasured...Does that sound too glib? Celebrate the challenges as it means you are ALIVE!

I just posted those so thanks! They are my favorite of all my work so far. The scan I did does not do them justice as I cant scan the complete piece, they are too big, so I am going to go have them scanned at a print shop...Never thought of the nose as the moon, but I love that.