Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Just so, the passage of Time is swift
As in a furious headlong rush
The tocking creeps and barrels along
While in a moment stolen from bliss
An Age will pass between you and I
A corner turned - A glimpse of this
By twists and turns a glorious ride

An easy silence approaches
Snapshots of Autumn's glow
Once remembered afternoon idles
On whose irreverent heels
Follow evenings consumed by stillness
Now this Age joyously steals
A note from 'Te Deum's' stride

Softly Time quiets and slows
As Life awaits the closing bow
For now, a poignant memory
Lingers in each ticking's passage
Cloaked by a heavy Winter snow
And Life will turn the final page
Hushed by Time's dampening glide.


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