Thursday, February 18, 2010


This morning I woke to the trills of sweet birdsong early - just after 6:00 am. The perfect start to the day. My two youngest are away at playschool for the morning and the rest of the brood are at school. I am alone. So with a steaming cup of coffee and a few precious moments to myself, I shrug into my favorite 'old man's' sweater and crack open the window to let in the early spring air - Air that reminds me of biting into a tart granny smith apple fresh off the tree. Crisp, brisk, and alive.

In the cosseting quiet I gather my thoughts and slip into writer's mode. The ideas are always there, waiting for me to capture and develop them. I say hello to the main character in my book - To resume telling her story is always pure pleasure, and I savor each part of the creative process. I am drawn back into her world and easily become entrenched in the plotline.

Every day I'm surrounded by amazing women. I watch them take on whatever comes their way and handle it beautifully. I drop off kids at playschool and big kid's school, and I see the other mothers when they busily head off to do I know not what. I wonder where they are off to. Some are going to the gym (as evidenced by their workout gear), and some, no doubt, are off to work. Some are headed home to catch up on cleaning, etc. In my case, there are a myriad things I could be doing right now. There's laundry to be folded, toys to be shunted back to their proper places, bills to be paid, dinner to plan, etc. Instead, I am writing because that's my dream.

To stop pursuing our dreams leaves life two dimensional. So many people I've talked to have left the dreams of their younger selves behind in the name of 'maturing' or 'growing up'. For me a life without my dreams is valueless. I've lately realized that embracing our dreams and pushing the edges of our lives to make room for them is an integral part of 'Living'. Life's responsibilities are ever present and important in their own right, but they will still be there to attend to at the end of the day. It's funny - I often tell my children they can do anything they set their minds to and that their dreams are so very important. Wonderful, encouraging words. Why should our adult dreams be any different? With a stolen moment here and there, and some diligent, hard work, dreams can become reality.

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LL said...

The world is thankful for your words - existing ones and ones to come. Laundry is happy to wait.