Friday, August 16, 2013


So many things going on since my last post! Lots of changes...

I finally opened up an etsy shop and actually listed some items ~ Yikes!  This is really nervewracking for me, but I am excited at the same time! (link is at the top of this page on the right)

I'm off this fall to study ART at Western Washington University!  Aside from the fact that EVERYONE I came across while registering for classes thought I was a students' parent (lol!) the whole process of going back to school has been super smooth!  I am very very excited about going back to school!

My little men are also going back to school and we are thinking they will be going to the Waldorf School right by my University this year.  Part of putting my art in the etsy shop is in an effort to fund all this schooling, so fingers crossed it will take off and I will sell some more art :)

We have had a busy busy summer, and I am now in 'frantically get ready for the return to school' mode. There is even more to do since I am getting ready for school too.  Seems like the days are just flying by and I'm not sure how we will get everything ready in time, but things are flowing and that feels great!

My new backpack - Bright Orange of course! :)  And I got a rain shield too as it rains most of the school year here!
I'm still sewing for my little men and have just completed these cute waistcoats ~

Liam is turning into such a little Mister ~ I Love his new cap with his new waistcoat.  He is losing teeth, reading like crazy, and just growing into such a sweet young man. 6 years old here.

Eamonn proud as punch in his new waistcoat!  Love the shorts with the shirt :)  Eamonn continues to be our highwire act, jumping off any and everything!  He is very agile, but boy does he scare me sometimes!  He is almost 5!  My how they are growing!
Today I will be starting on the pyjamas for them that I need to get done before I start school. 
I will post pics of them as soon as they are done!

And had to post this years trip to the woods to gather some wood for this winter.  We went up to the state park where my sister is a ranger again.  Laraby state park.  The arborist crew had just gone through and downed several dangerous or diseased trees, so we were able to swoop in and saw them into rounds, roll them into the box van, and take them home...


Amira worked really hard and practiced her deep lunge kicks at the same time!

Rayne was feeling under the weather so she did a lot of directing. 

Eamonn and I pushing a big round up the ramp into the truck!  Notice the earplugs sticking out of his ears ~ we all wore them as the saw was LOUD!

Liam and Mama working together.

Dal Dal working it :)      The boys on the stump goofing off :)

Tired Mama!  We worked so hard!

Young woodsman Vidal 'Dal dal'

Papa really worked that chainsaw!  Whew! But we have wood for at least this year and most likely into the following year as well! Yeah!
Life is as ever busy, and changing.  Change is good, but scary sometimes.  I am  embracing and celebrating all the great things coming our way.
Wishing you all a peaceful end to your summers ~ I hope yours have been filled with lots of adventures and great family memories as well.  Grab those moments as you find them ~ these little ones grow soooo fast!
Smiles and hugs



Tammie Lee said...

hello Julia,

so lovely to see your family all working together! much better than one or two people making wood ;-)

wishing you grand success with your new shop!

Julia Christie said...

Thanks tammie!