Monday, August 29, 2011


A glimpse at what I have been up to this summer...

This is an old table that I sanded and painted a cheery red!  I covered the cushions on these two chairs with this beautiful red toille fabric to match!  This was a fun project and now a favorite place for everyone in our family to perch with a hot cuppa tea and a favorite book while looking out over the small pond where the birds, squirrels and butterflies are always busy...

I love how the chairs turned out!

This last week has seen me busy sewing new little man shirts for my little men...
This bright blue one is for Liam who is 4.  He looks so handsome in it!

And this cheery plaid is for sweet Eamonn - It looks perfect on him!  I am quite proud of how I was able to match up the plaid stripes on this one :-)

Another cheery color for Liam!  The wooden buttons are perfect don't ya think?

A long drive up the Cascade loop into the Cascade National Park and we stumbled upon this old steam engine that was used to ferry workers and supplies up to the Diablo dam while it was being constructed in the early 1900's. The boys had a blast climbing all over it!!!

Eamonn on top of the engine!

Liam is in his element!!! They just didn't want to leave!!!

Two boating trips out into the San Juan Islands - We were very fortunate to have a friend loan us their beautiful 32' Nordic Tug and as you can see the kids loved being out on the water! Above Vidal, age 11, can hardly contain his excitement at being able to sit out on the bow while we were underway!
(I just love his braces!!!)

Liam stayed inside for the most part, but loves being out on the water!

Lummi island where we stayed for several days...You can see the boat anchored out off shore a ways!

Enjoying the day...

And finally, lots of berry cobblers being made around here...My absolute favorite dessert!  With fresh vanilla bean ice cream - Oh I am in heaven!

I hope you have all had wonderful summers so far! 
I know I have been absent from bloggerland for most of the summer,
but now you have a little peak as to why :-)

Looking forward to Fall, which is my favorite season!!!  As well, when everyone has returned to school I will have much more time to visit you all and catch up on all you have been up to!

Hugs and S M I L E S



Reflections said...

Looks like it has been an incredibly busy but very fun summer. Love the shirts and the views on your outings.

Tammie said...

I love that you made your boys shirts... seems like a bit of a lost art and they are handsome shirts indeed! Looks like you have embraced summer fully. Wishing you lovely days.

craftattack said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time. Well done on your sewing and painting! Valerie

BECKY said...

Julia, thanks so much for sharing the photos! Gosh, I wish I could sew! Sewing machines and I do NOT get along! :)
Glad you've been enjoying your summer so much. I have to, for the most part!
Fall is my favorite season, too, and especially so after the heat we've had in the Midwest this summer! Hugs! said...

awesome projects and amazing trip!! your kids are so adorable!!