Friday, October 1, 2010

A bit 'Much'...

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Sometimes life gets to be a bit much, don't you think?

This past two months has been like that.

Much much.

We have been attempting to buy a home for the past 4 months.  In this economy, it is tough enough to accomplish that unless you are bringing cash to the table, which we are not. 

The regulations and restrictions have tightened so significantly that you basically have to explain every single aspect of your life to your mortgage broker.  That would be ok as we really don't have very complicated finances in our family, but add to that a somewhat shady Seller, who did not disclose all that was wrong with the property, and what you get is a long, drawn-out mess!

After negotiating and renegotiating and signing extensions and anxiously watching as yet another deadline comes and goes, we were poised to close on this property this week. 

In steps the regulators to tell us that the Appraisor THAT THEY HIRED did not do his job correctly and they are unwilling to accept his appraisal.  Even though it came in at the sale price.  So now a mandatory second appraisal has been ordered, another extension signed, the moving crew for this weekend put off yet again, and the box of LIMBO that we have carried around with us for the past four months unpacked and set back up in the middle of our lives.

You would think this would be enough 'Much' wouldn't you?

There's more.

We have also been in the middle of some custody issues with my step-daughters, as well as getting five children settled in three different schools, and trying to manage our business around court dates, property inspections, meetings with contractors, realtors, mortgage get the picture.

This is life.  I accept that there are times when the ride is challenging to say the least.  And I'm a driver for sure.  I am out front with Craig, juggling all of the different aspects of raising these children, loving them, guiding them, and supporting them, helping with homework, practicing cartwheels, cheering on as they embrace each day with that wonderfully contageous childish exhuberence that I love so well.

I find the best way to handle the 'Much' that life can steer your way is to look each day for the little things; a cup of hot tea and a freshly baked cookie, while snuggled under a cosy blanket with my sweetie.  Pushing my 2 year old on the swing and laughing as he shouts with absolute glee.  That incredible feeling of comraderie that I get when Craig walks in the door at the end of the day and it turns from 'Me' to 'Us'.  A hard-won B+ from my step-daughter who has had a tough time with schoolwork in the past, but who is really working hard this year.  Watching my other step-daughter as she just charges into reading, one of my lifelong loves, and catching her with her younger brothers, all snuggly in the rocker, reading together.

Life and family and history and baggage and challenges - it's all there.

But it truly is 'the little things' that make it work.  I remind myself continually, that NOW is where it's at.  That moment I am in or that just passed, that is the one to savor.  And in doing this, I find the 'Much' recedes a bit into the background, and 'Life', sweet, rewarding, sometimes painful 'Life' is given wings.  And what an incredible journey!

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Heather said...

Life is hard. It sometimes seems that there is one struggle after another, just when we think we are at the top of the mountain, back down we go yet again. But, you have such a great outlook here as I read your last paragraph. And as you say, NOW is the moment. I know you will get through this.

I give you a great big blog hug, and an ear(or eye since I am reading your words, lol) and hope you enjoy your journey no matter how difficult. There will always be a rainbow, a hidden gift, of sorts, at the end of the storm, that's something I know for sure!
great pictures for the post. sorry to be so wordy.

BECKY said...

Hi Julia! Sorry I haven't been by in a while. I think of you often, even if I'm not reading your blog! What a bunch of "much" and shady people, indeed! Hopefully, it will all get straightened out sooner than later. You are wonderful to remember to live in the moment and not worry about the future! Hugs. :)

WrightStuff said...

Oh yes life likes doing that to you sometimes - let's chuck it all at her and see how she copes...

Hope your new home turns out to be just that and in a few months all this will be just like a bad dream - long forgotten.

Warmest wishes from across the continents and oceans are coming your way!

I might go and snuggle up under the blanket in front of the TV with my honey now too - that's if I can prize the cat off him!


Julia Christie said...

Thanks Heather for the support! I get so much back from all of my bloggy friends and I really appreciate it! Never too wordy, just appreciate your taking the time.

Becky,lovely to see you here too - thanks for the kind words and the visit.

Lisa, Good luck getting in a snuggle with your sweetheart - sometimes very difficult to orchestrate, but oh so worth it!


Millie said...

Oh Julia I'm sending you a big hug of solidarity!! You have a heart as big as those San Juan Islands you look out to. Your patience is something I envy - I don't have a thimble full these days. My beautiful prize arrived safely in our letterbox on Friday & it is stunning. I need to find the right frame to do it justice, & that's my goal this week.
Millie ^_^

PurestGreen said...

Keep focusing on the little things, as those are the things that keep everything strung together. Sending you good vibes.

Ces said...

Aaaw Julia, I missed this. I just read it tonight and I don't know what to say. Life is too much sometimes and yet we keep on persevering because the other choice does not sound too good. I hope things settle down and that everything ends up for the best and that peaceful minds and calm hearts are what you all end up with for your lovely family. Take care.

LL said...

You are a master juggler, Christie. And I think that's because you choose your juggling balls so carefully...