Saturday, September 11, 2010

Sunday Sketches

Happy Sunday Sketches Everyone!  This is a new piece I am working on and having a lot of fun developing.  I seem to be having as much fun with the clothes as the girls these days.  I have been thinking about developing a series of paper dolls with several of my gals to offer for sale.  You know the kind ~ with several outfits that you can change out.  I would love to design the clothes around a theme for each gal.  I'd love to get your feedback on that idea...

This is a gal Amira just finished and we are both very proud of it!  We have been working really hard on eyes, noses, and mouths and I think this gal shows the progress Amira has made really well! 

This is more of Amira's work. She took the pen and ink drawing I did of this girl several weeks ago, and added her own flair to it with colored pens.  I absolutely love how she turned out, so much so that I don't think I will do anything more with the original myself!

And this is the gal I showed you last week mounted on red paper.  I still have more to do to this piece, but I am not sure where to take her...Any suggestions?

You can find more wonderfully talented artists over at Sophia's place ~ Be sure to head over there and click on each link to enjoy all of the other participants art...or join us if you'd like!

Smiles and hope you are all having a wonderful weekend!


Marlene said...

Hi Julia, and Amira

You have both done beautiful women this week. I love the style that is developing her. Amira you are truly gifted and I do hope you continue to pursue art.

I think the idea of paper dolls is a wonderful one. I made one for my granddaughter (really simple compared to yours) and she loved it. I would be glad to see children play with paper dolls again.

As far as your lady on red, she is gorgeous and I would just add a bit more color to her.

Denise Collins (nee Gilgannon) said...

Such strong feminine work..and so joyful! I really love how it is so detaile d yet remains so ligh t in feeling, not overworked. The lady in re d is beautiful, I agree with Marlene, maybe alittle more color, some hot greens? Love visiting your page!

Laurie Miller said...

Beautiful work - your women are inspiring. I love the back views. Thanks for sharing! I will be back to visit - and sometime we will have to stand on our porches and shout out to you - I am in Oregon. . . that's kind of like being a neighbor, isn't it?

Tammie Lee said...

Oh! I love each piece. I just look and look and look at all the details and beauty. The two of you look as though you are having so much fun.

I love the idea of paper dolls. Maybe even coloring books?

Deborah said...

Oh happy memories of playing with paper dolls!!! OOps, I just dated myself! All your girls are beeeeutiful! **blows kisses** Deb

Baldie said...

Hello! Don't be confused. You know who I am. I just shaved my head.

My goodness Julia! These drawings are getting more and more intricate and detailed. Ahhh, your own fantastic style. The first blue eyed drawing reminds me of the song "Ojos Azulez" (Blue Eyes). I love these Sunday Sketches. I wish you a very lovely day! Tsup! Tsup!!!

Fair Rosamund said...

Wow, these are all amazing!! You are both very talented :) I think that the lady on the red background doesn't need much, she looks very striking against the simple background. I think that paper dolls would be fantastic! I know that you would come up with beautiful intricate outfits for them :) ~Lauren

Kristin Dudish said...

I could totally see your beautiful ladies as paper dolls - what a great idea!

I love all of the vinework framing your new beauty's face!

Amira's drawings always amaze me!

I always look forward to seeing what you both create :)

WrightStuff said...

Amira's work is coming on in huge leaps and bounds - watch out Julia - competition on the horizon!

Great idea to do the dress up dolls. I used to love those when I was a kid. They have a lot online now so you could sell them for online download and also do versions for kids to colour in themselves - endless possibilities!


Lenora said...

Wow you are getting a lot done. Ahhh how do you do it? These are very well put together and as always love your personal style!

Amalia K said...

Hello Julia, your new ladies really amaze me! So many wow factors oozing out from their expressions! It's good that you're having fun, after all, it's the one thing that feeds the drive, don't you think?

Wonderful how your girl's talent just keeps growing like that. You must be a good teacher as well as you are a good mother.:)

Keep being inspired! oxx

PS: Your paper dolls will sure be a hit!

EVA said...

Hi Julia,


Your and Amira's ladies are progressing so beautifully! They are so intricate! Such loving detail!

Paper dolls with a themed wardrobe sound like a wonderfully challenging idea!

Beautiful work Julia and Amira!!

Rebecca Anthony said...

Every time I see your newest pieces I love them more. These are wonderful!

Heather said...

Your detail here is lovely. her eyes look amazingly real...beautiful. I really like the idea of the paper dolls, i remember how much fun they are. I think you would do wonderful things with them. also, love the soft blue here on the blog!
wow, you are producing some great art! Good for you. Love what you did on your own and how you filled in mom's work too! my girls love doing that,'s fun to see little creative minds!
i wish you both a happy monday!

Julia Christie said...

Thanks again to all of you for such wonderful feedback. Amira and I had thought this week had some really great sketches and we are sure enjoying ourselves!

Welcome new followers too! I am so excited to have found some new artists to follow this week!

Smiles and wishing you all a wonderful week.

lissa said...

they're all gorgeous, I especially like the sketch with only the face colored in, like I could have finish it with some crayons or something

I did saw the finish before this, it's always surprising & wonderful to see the finish all in color

Sophia said...

It is so much fun to see you and your daughter doing art together. :) I LOVE the gal mounted on the red paper. She is gorgeous. And Amira's art is lovely, too. Her second one is absolutely amazing!

Sorry for the delay...have had a lot going on lately....forgive me.